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Taipei City is a local autonomous government under the laws of the Republic of China. With the prosperous industrial and commercial activities and comprehensive economic, culture and transport facilities, it is not only the political, economic and cultural center in Taiwan, but an important international metropolis as well.

    Taipei City was first a “provincial municipality" under the jurisdiction of the Taiwan Provincial Government after the Restoration of Taiwan in 1946. The “City Council of Taipei”, the first legislative organ in Taipei City, was founded the following year. The local autonomy system was initiated after the central government moved to Taiwan in 1949. The mayor was elected by the people and the City Council of Taipei was changed to the “Council of Taipei Provincial City”. Councilors for six terms were elected during this period of “City Council under the Jurisdiction of the Taiwan Provincial Government.” In 1967, Taipei City was upgraded to a “special municipality” under the jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan and the mayor was appointed directly by the prime minister. A provisional city council was founded and reorganized on December 25, 1969 to initiate the era of a city council under the jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan.


  In 1994, the “Special Municipality Autonomy Act” specified the direct election of the Taipei City mayor and realized the legislative and supervisory power of the city council. This undoubtedly brought democracy into a new era. The “Local Government Act” enacted in 1999 further solidified the status of the Taipei City Council as a local legislative organ. In the modified “Local Government Act” in 2010, the Executive Yuan readjusted the administrative districts and set up 6 special municipalities and 16 Cities and counties in Taiwan.

 The way to democracy is long and arduous, and it allows no interruption with the innovation of democracy. The pioneers of the democratic system were not afraid of danger and difficulty in their political careers. They made contributions, overcame obstacles on the way and set a solid foundation for contemporary democratic constitutionalism. In addition to many important acts for the livelihood of its people, the council approved many construction projects during this period to facilitate the urbanized construction of Taipei City at a tremendous pace, and thus raise it to a world level.

  The 63 councilors of the Thirteen Term were inaugurated on December 25, 2018. We will take more responsibility facing the competition among the six special municipalities in Taiwan. In the future, we will persist in our mission and pass on the torch of democracy forever to make Taipei City a leading and shining star on the international stage.