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Citizens And The Council


If the public welfare or civil rights are violated, citizens may petition the Council or City Government's competent authority for rectification.

A written petition must be prepared citing the circumstances, reasons and requests. It must be made in triplicate, signed and stamped by the petitioning citizens and then submitted to the Council. If the petition is submitted by a group of citizens, representatives of no more than ten should be selected from among the petitioners to submit the petition. The Council will notify the petitioner of the results after the case is handled. If the Council has no authority over the case, it will notify the petitioner of the agency to which the petition should be submitted, or transfer the case directly to the competent authority. A citizen can also seek assistance from councilors in their local constituency.

In addition, the Citizen Service Center on the first floor of the Council provides assistance and support for any citizen who has difficulties or needs to file a petition immediately.


As municipal development is based on public participation, citizens are welcome to sit in at the auditorium of the Council Chamber to observe council sessions. Citizens may use their personal ID to apply for a permit at the Council service desk, and then go to the gallery seats on the fourth floor. For group permits, the responsible person of the group must submit an official letter with the number of the observers, date and time to the Council in advance.
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