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Speaker :Chen,Chin-Hsiang

Chin-hsiang Chen
Year of Birth1959
Political PartyChinese Nationalist Party
Educational Background

Xiehe Private High School of Industry and Commerce

Taipei Municipal Renai Junior High School

Taipei Municipal Guanfu Elementary Schoo
Main Experience

Speaker,the 13th Taipei City Council

Deputy Speaker,the 12th , Taipei City Council

Deputy Speaker ,the 10th, Taipei City Council

Councilor,the 7th-13th, Taipei City Council

Whip of KMT Caucus, Taipei City Council

President, Taipei City Taekwondo Sports Athletic Association

President,the Alumni Association,Taipei Municipal Renai Junior High School

“Happy to serve,willing to endure,” “Getting the job doneand not showing off, “Serving without regret,citizen’s convenience comes first”