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Seat Number of Councilors 

Taipei City has a population of 2.7 million and among our citizens, about 15,000 are indigenous peoples. In November, 2022, the 14th term councilor elections were held in six general constituencies and two indigenous constituencies to elect 61 seats of councilors including one that respectively representing the plains and mountains indigenous peoples. 

Women Reserved Seats

According to the Local Government Act, in a constituency that shall elect more than four seats of councilors, one seat shall be reserved for a woman and the seats shall increase along with the increase of every four seats. The 14th City Council constitutes of 30 women councilors and in each constituency the numbers of councilwoman are higher than the required. Therefore, there have been no women reserved seats in this term. 

Service Term of Councilors

Elected councilors shall serve for a term of four years and they can be re-elected. Newly elected councilors shall be inaugurated when the term of the previously elected councilors comes to an end. The councilors for this term were inaugurated on December 25, 2022 and according to the law their term will expire on December 25, 2026. 


When there are more than ten thirds of vacancies due to resignation, removal from the Council, or death in the total number of councilors or when there are more than one half vacancies in a constituency, a by-election shall be held. But if the service term is less than two years and the vacancy does not reach one half of the total number of councilors, a by-election will not happen.

Election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker

On the day when new members of the City Council are sworn in, they shall elect a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker from among themselves with disclosed ballots. The one who gained the votes of more than one half of councilors attending the ceremony is elected as the Speaker.