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Deputy Speaker :Yeh,Lin-Chuang 

Lin-chuang Yeh
Year of Birth1969
Political PartyChinese Nationalist Party
Educational BackgroundGraduate Institute of China Studies, Tamkang University
Chungyu Institute of Technology
Taipei Jingwen High School
Dazhi High Junior High School, Taipei City
Zhongshan Elementary School, Taipei City
Main Experience13th Deputy Speaker, Taipei City Council
11th-13th Taipei City Councilor
KMT Central Commissioner
Vice President of KMT Youth
Vice Chief Commissioner, Taipei City KMT
Leader, KMT Youth Corps
President, Taipei City Community Director Association
President, Community Director Association, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Director of Yuanshan Community, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
President, Sports Association, Datung District, Taipei City
“Being the Master of Time and the Commander for Destiny,” “Choose Difficult Things and Continuous Practice will Make Things Easier,” “One who benefits the world will gain support from the world while he who monopolizes profit will lose the world.”