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Democratic Ruling Governed
by Public Opinion

on behalf of the citizens of taipei city, taipei city council, the legislative organization monitors city affairs and screens city rules and regulations and budgeting. councilors elected by the people present and express the public opinion and exercise the public power to shoulder big responsibilities of division of powers and rights and apply checks and balances.

there are 63 councilors serving the 13th taipei city council elected from eight constituencies and among them, for the purpose of protecting the rights of indigenous peoples to participate in politics, two councilors are elected by the plains and mountains indigenous peoples in taipei.

city councils are the palace of democracy. the “democracy” shall include various opinions of different ethnic groups and the presentations of councilors in each constituency transform diverse public opinions into various policies and autonomous rules of the city government to safeguard the rights of taipei city citizens as well as to promote progress and innovation, a democratic mission pursued by the taipei city council.

over the recent years, the city council works to reflect public opinion, monitor city policies and promote city exchanges. information on the city council has been more transparent and digitalized with the hope of bringing more benefits and preventing corruption for better welfare and high living quality via the diligence of working as a local legislative organization.

meanwhile, the city council complies with laws to carry out the democratic tenet of division of legislative and administrative power. by working with the taipei city government on different duties, the city council achieves the win-win-win objective to “empower the city council, to enable the government, and to benefit the people.” the city council would like to construct a beautiful vision for all its citizens, create benefits and become the learning and development model of local governance for other cities and counties.